Workout Without Weights

5 Tips to Begin Using a Workout Without Weights

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Starting a workout without weights can be a brand new experience to some people. Even if you’ve been exercising for some time, doing body weight exercises and completing a full weight free workout can constitute a major change in your life. In order to help people who are looking for new methods of exercise and hoping to build a more balanced and lean physique, we’ve put together some basic starting tips for how to workout without weights.

Workout Without Weights

1. Work your Whole Body
This advice goes for any workout you may be using. It is unwise to ignore any portion of your body for extended periods of time. You may want to build your upper chest, but ignoring your lower body will slow your progress down and eventually leave you looking unbalanced. Working out your entire body encourages muscles to strengthen together and help you to build a powerful physique. This means when you’re exercising it’s important to do push ups as well as squats. You don’t want to walk around looking like a wedge of cheese, nor do want to risk injuring your body

2. Use Compound Movements
A weight free workout using compound movements burns more fat, uses more muscles and tones your body making it more functional and less prone to harm. Pull ups, push ups, squats and dips and other bodyweight exercises shape your core and help you build up your abdominal muscles and other supporting muscles while you exercise in a natural manner.

3. Tighten your Core and Breathe
This is another key tip that applies to almost all body weight exercises. Use your core and breathe. This means that when you’re struggling to reach that last rep, tighten your stomach and use your abdominal muscles. It means circulate the oxygen in your system so that you have the strength to complete the exercise and aren’t limiting yourself. You should be able to feel whether you’re using your core especially during any boot camp exercises.

4. Use your Brain
No, not for physics or calculus, using your brain while you exercise means using the mind to perfect each physical movement. If you focus on feeling the muscles being worked you’re less likely to cheat the movement and more likely to achieve a substantial gain on whatever exercise you’re doing. A workout without weights often relies on the participant to “spot themselves” and ensure the full range of motion of each exercise is done correctly.

5. Change it up
A final piece of advice that you can apply to any part of your life; variety. If you want to keep getting stronger, it’s important to change up what you’re doing from time to time. This can be as simple as moving from push ups to clapping push ups or pull ups to chin ups, or as extreme as completely changing your routine around. Whatever choice you make, variety will keep the weight free workout new and exciting as well as continually challenging.

Congratulations on your interest in a workout without weights. We hope these tips provide you with some help along the way to reaching your ultimate physique.