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How many of you use to ride a cycle during childhood days? There are people in the world who are using a cycle in their daily lives. In the USA alone, more than 32M people are using cycles to reach their natural destination.

Not only that, the day when a Segway has launched the demand for the bike has also increased because Segway becomes old news within months. We have seen a rise in sales over the past few years which brands have released a note of sales. What about the fitness bike?

The question remains, does the fitness cycles are doing well regarding sale? Yes, they might not be good as the spin bike, but the recumbent sales are decent. If you are wondering wh8y sales are important? Sales determine on how many people are using the latest recumbent bike for their regular primary fitness machine.

How is Recumbent Bike Beneficial To Home Users?

If you have recently purchased a latest model recumbent bike, then you already know about the benefits you are going to get, but there are home users who want to confirm the benefits before buying it. It’s not wrong, we want you to take a firm decision, and you should be make up your mind, and we will help you decide it.


When you wake up for the GYM, then you have to get ready for the workout, and it isn’t that simple. After you wake up, you have top prepare for the GYM and use your vehicle to reach the GYM. For two trips, the time consuming is 20 approximately.

If you have a recumbent bike at your home, then you can hop on the machine and start working out after five-minute of warm up. There you have saved almost 30 minutes.

Regular Bike & Spin Bike

Bike for Health is a quote. A regular bike has many other benefits than just having fun. In the recumbent case, you same the same treatment like a Spin Bik or the Regular bike does. We know those who have used a standard bike in the past are worried that will they be getting the same results or not? You will be getting the same results as you expect from a regular bike. The results will be identical.

Aerobics & Cardio

If your aim is to work out every day to stay fit, then you should be looking at the fitness machine, which covers Cardio and Aerobics workout and recumbent bikes include these two factors.

Cardio will ensure your body is active and keeps you away from the heart illness and keeps your body active throughout the day. Aerobics helps your mind to stay calm and work faster than before.


There are several other significant benefits involve when you have a recumbent bike at your home. There is no denying the fact that recumbent bike is less popular than the spin bike. However, when it comes to the results, then recumbent bikes should be on the first list.


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The elliptical bike is a stationary piece of exercise equipment that used for cardiovascular muscles. It usually recommended for people at all levels of physical fitness and often used during physical therapy because they provide a low or no impact workout. The elliptical bike designed to reduce impact on the bones and joints during exercise. There are different models of elliptical bikes available in the market. If you do a workout on the elliptical bike is gentler on ankles, knees, and hips, to name just some of the areas that can abuse during high-impact workouts. The low impact could result in fewer injuries. The people who have a weak joints or osteoporosis may find the elliptical bike especially helpful for keeping up cardiovascular and muscle health. When doing a workout with the elliptical cycle, it is possible to work the legs, buttocks and core muscle groups normally used during cycling sports. It also handles your muscles in the arm and back muscles. However, the result is total body workouts that help to achieve results faster than riding a mobile bike. The elliptical machines will burn calories faster than normal bike riding or running because more muscles are required.

The purpose of elliptical bikes:

To do a workout on the elliptical machines requires a low rate of effort from you. It does not feel as physically challenging as riding an actual bike or a stationary bike. The different manufacture of the elliptical bike offers the machine with various features to enhance a workout. This machine also has the monitoring feature of the time, distance, and burned calories. This popular elliptical bike may find at the gym or purchased for home use.  You can prevent weight gain and reduce disease risk with one hundred and fifty minutes of elliptical training per week. This goal accomplished with thirty minutes a day on five different days. The fitness trainers suggest you a weekly goal of three hundred minutes for enhanced weight loss outcomes.

Untold stories of the elliptical bike:

You may not know about the untold stories of the elliptical machine. The term elliptical comes from the idea of the exercise motion performed in a pattern of movement. When you jump on the elliptical machine, it creates a rhythmic sound and smooth movement that works on your body without any stress or joint pain. The key point for the success of the elliptical machine is the beginner and the fitness expert jump on and receives superior workouts in a variety of ways. In addition to, it designed to provide more workouts for your upper body. When the upper body handlebars added to the elliptical machine, it provides an additional benefit to the machine.  The upper body handles create a more natural walking/striding motion for your increased enjoyment. By adding handlebars that move with the body, an individual can get an upper body workout that is just as effective as the lower. It is the great machine for the fitness community to achieve a range of exercise goals. Therefore, the elliptical machine provides the natural movements of
your body so you can easily and effectively burn calories. You can also tone your body and more through its unique motions. You can also monitor your workout with the added speed, time and fitness level readings on the panel in front of you throughout the length of your workout.


Therefore, the best elliptical machines works out your arms and legs for a smooth, easy workout that provides amazing results. It is a great way to get a full-body workout. You can also build muscle, burn calories, and go easy on the joints and back.

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There have been some new changes to come about recently to the rules of the types of foods we should eat everyday to keep us healthy. In addition to these rules there are a couple of strategies that we each should follow everyday that would enhance these rule changes as well. Lets’ review these new rules and strategies now.

Food Rules For a Healthier Life

1. You need to eat fewer calories. I know that you have heard this before, so you are going to hear it again. Try to stay around 2000 calories per day. This will help you maintain a healthy weight.

2. You need to get more of your food from a plant source. Try to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and cooked dried beans and peas. We got to be more like vegetarians if we want to live a long life.

3. You need to eat more fish as part of your diet. Instead of just 2 servings per week as it was recommended in 2005, you need 4 to 5 servings per week. Fish is good for your heart as it has omega-3-fats that can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Food Rules For a Healthier Life

4. Turn to low-fat dairy products which are lower in saturated fat and is also link to heart disease. Also new research has found that when you replace high fat dairy products with low or nonfat you can lower your blood pressure too. I will say that you can use dairy products to get the calcium your body needs as a bone-strengthening mineral that your body loses as you get older. However, for those of you who do not believe in drinking milk, you can get the calcium your body needs from beans, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, collards, and kale. One note, spinach does not like to give you it calcium very easily like other plants, so do not rely on it too much.

5. Lower your consumption of added sugars and solid fats. Too much sugar has been a main cause of diabetes and solid fats like butter have added calories to your mid-section with few if any nutrients that your body needs.

6. Also you need to reduce your sodium intake and refined grains such as pasta and white bread. If you want to eat these foods as many people do, substitute them with whole wheat as they are widely available in many products now.

7. Cut back on eating lean meats, eggs and poultry. You can still eat these items but try to have them once a week for lean meats and poultry and twice a week for eggs. Also, keep the portion sizes small as well.

8. Cut out drinking sodas and non-100 percent fruit juices and drink 8 cups of water per day instead. On average our bodies are made up of 70 percent of water. Water is instant energy and all your body is doing is going through all the other liquids to get to the water, so why not cut out the middleman.

9. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night is another part of your healthier life style that needs to be highlighted too. This is a concept that has not been talked about a lot, but needs to be added to your overall health plan.

10. Last but not least, Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. We need to get 2 1/2 hours per week of moderate-intensity or 1 1/4 hours per week of vigorous-intense aerobic physical activity or a combination of both. You also need to add muscle-strengthening exercise that is moderate to high intensity 2 or more days per week.

Add all these things up and you will be well on your way to a longer and healthier life.…

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Starting a workout without weights can be a brand new experience to some people. Even if you’ve been exercising for some time, doing body weight exercises and completing a full weight free workout can constitute a major change in your life. In order to help people who are looking for new methods of exercise and hoping to build a more balanced and lean physique, we’ve put together some basic starting tips for how to workout without weights.

Workout Without Weights

1. Work your Whole Body
This advice goes for any workout you may be using. It is unwise to ignore any portion of your body for extended periods of time. You may want to build your upper chest, but ignoring your lower body will slow your progress down and eventually leave you looking unbalanced. Working out your entire body encourages muscles to strengthen together and help you to build a powerful physique. This means when you’re exercising it’s important to do push ups as well as squats. You don’t want to walk around looking like a wedge of cheese, nor do want to risk injuring your body

2. Use Compound Movements
A weight free workout using compound movements burns more fat, uses more muscles and tones your body making it more functional and less prone to harm. Pull ups, push ups, squats and dips and other bodyweight exercises shape your core and help you build up your abdominal muscles and other supporting muscles while you exercise in a natural manner.

3. Tighten your Core and Breathe
This is another key tip that applies to almost all body weight exercises. Use your core and breathe. This means that when you’re struggling to reach that last rep, tighten your stomach and use your abdominal muscles. It means circulate the oxygen in your system so that you have the strength to complete the exercise and aren’t limiting yourself. You should be able to feel whether you’re using your core especially during any boot camp exercises.

4. Use your Brain
No, not for physics or calculus, using your brain while you exercise means using the mind to perfect each physical movement. If you focus on feeling the muscles being worked you’re less likely to cheat the movement and more likely to achieve a substantial gain on whatever exercise you’re doing. A workout without weights often relies on the participant to “spot themselves” and ensure the full range of motion of each exercise is done correctly.

5. Change it up
A final piece of advice that you can apply to any part of your life; variety. If you want to keep getting stronger, it’s important to change up what you’re doing from time to time. This can be as simple as moving from push ups to clapping push ups or pull ups to chin ups, or as extreme as completely changing your routine around. Whatever choice you make, variety will keep the weight free workout new and exciting as well as continually challenging.

Congratulations on your interest in a workout without weights. We hope these tips provide you with some help along the way to reaching your ultimate physique.…