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San Jose Home Training

It’s time for personal training that comes to you

You can get the same outstanding results working out in the privacy and comfort of your home as you can by training in our fitness center. Our proven in-home fitness techniques include the use of free weights, jump rope, resistive tubing, Swiss ball, exercise step, bosu, and mat, but we can also design a program with out any equipment at all. We could remove every piece of equipment out of the gym and still give you a quality workout because of the extensive knowledge in the science and practice of exercise. Including Pilates, yoga, traditional strength training, agility and balance.

The Sarah Graham Fitness Method in-home personal training program offers:

  • One-on-one personal training sessions with a professional certified trainer.
  • Full lifestyle, health and fitness assessment.
  • A fitness regimen designed for your level of fitness and goals.
  • “Off- Day” programs, specially designed for days between personal training sessions.
  • Travel training programs.